Filter Paper
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The Crisis
Do you still remember the "abaca-crisis"? Due to climate issues the main raw material for teabag filter paper became not only short but also significantly more expensive in the years 2007/2008. Many small tea packers had to reduce their production since their filter paper demands could not be satisfied anymore.

Abaca-free filter paper Abaca-free filter paper in action

The Revolution
That was the time when the idea of a non-abaca filter paper was born. In the tea industry hardly anybody wanted to believe in such a development. But what was taken to be impossible became reality: since five years now we distribute an abaca-free non-sealable filter paper. Our material runs on all tea bag machines using non-heat seal filter paper:
  1. IMA C21, C23, C24, C27, C28
  2. Teepack Constanta, Perfecta, Compacta
  3. Teamac MD20, MD20 Plus, MD25
  4. HST PT21, PT25, PT33
  5. Please contact us for more information or if you wish to get a quotation.