Tea Bag Envelopes
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We distribute tea bag envelopes made of both paper and sealable material for all machine types and formats, such as

  1. IMA C21, C23, C24, C27, C28, C56, C2000, C2002, CT10
  2. Teepack Constanta, Perfecta, Compacta
  3. Teamac MD20, MD25
  4. HST PT25, PT33
  5. Coesia T2 Prima, T4, T10
  6. Mai SA EC12/B
  7. Fuso FP-50S, FP-100S, FP-120S
  8. Miflex APO-11P
  9. Tsubakimoto Kogyo Twinkle TPB-200ES-16
  10. Sanko

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