Need Filter Paper or woven Mesh...

...for your tea bag machine? No problem, we have it all.


Abaca-Free Filter Paper made in USA...

...from raw materials grown in North-America. The most sustainable material with the lowest carbon footprint you can get. No shipping of raw materials around the world from the field to the mill.


Polyester and Polyamide Mesh...

...for pyramid or pillow bags, runs on all tea bag machines suitable for nylon bags.


Bio-degradable PLA Mesh...

...that runs on all machines for nylon tea bags


Tea Bag Tags

We distribute tags for ALL machine types and formats: single chamber, double chamber, pyramid and pillow bags.


Tea Bag Envelopes

We deliver paper and heat-seal envelopes for all types of tea bag machines.


Pre-glued folding boxes and flat blanks

Flat blanks for your high speed cartoner and pre-glued boxes that you can even unfold, swipe in and take out manually from your tea bag machine.


Cardboard Dividers

Cardboard both from the roll or pre-cut and stacked to insert into your more row boxes.


Tea Bag Thread

Tell us what thread u need 4 your T-Bag – Cotton, Organic? PLA or Synthetic? We have threads for all machines and T-Bag types.


Aluminium Wire

Still using wire for stapled T-Bags? Don't worry, you're not alone. And we still have the wire for you.


ENCOTECC is a trade and consulting firm for the tea industry. We distribute all kinds of packaging materials for tea bags, pads, pods and pouches. Moreover, we offer consulting services to all matters related to tea packaging.

Whenever tea and herbs meet packaging machines and materials, ENCOTECC is the right partner to talk to.

Literally ALL U NEED 4 YOUR T-BAG...
...& MORE

What we can do for you

We supply all packaging materials for single, double chamber and pyramid bags. Due to our background from the machinery business we also offer consulting services around all matters of tea processing and packaging.



Factory & Layout Planning

Do you want to build a new operation or make an extension? We're happy to help you with our 25+ years experience


Optimize Production

Would you like to explore how you can optimize production with your existing equipment? Let's have a look at your operation and we'll find out together.


Save Cost on Materials

Do you want to get quality at fair prices? Check out on our products page what we can supply to you. You didn't find the material you need? Ask us and we'll tell you the best sources at best prices.


Save cost on Parts


Do you think you pay too much for your original spare parts? Wanna try out alternative parts of same quality at a much better price? Ask us, we know who makes them.


Product Development

Need help with the development of a new tea blend or herbal infusion? We have a developer in our team whose creations are consumed on 3 continents.



Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint? Did you know that it can save you a lot of money, too? No? So, let us show you how.

Tell us what U need 4 Your T-Bag


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